Two fabulous overdrive tones are created by the dual channel, the Drive channel features pure and clean overdrive tone without compression. While Boost Channel delivers wild overdrive effect and long sustain by its independent BOOST Control Knob. Moreover, it also has 2 toggle switches, the left one for adjusting the brightness of Mid-frequency, 3 positions are available. And the right one for switching between different circuit clippings, say, MOSFET clipper mode and diode clipper mode respectively.

Controllers: Tone, Gain, Boost, Volume, Tone Mode Switcher, MOSFET/Diode Mode switcher, LED Toggle

With no battery compartment

Input Impedance: 1MΩ

Output Impedance: 100Ω

Rated Current Consumption: 30mA

Working Voltage: DC 9V(center minus)

Dimensions:  125*78.5*48 mm

Weight: 388g

Signal Bypass Type: True Bypass

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