The brand new generation of guitar multi-effects processor: GEMBOX II. It is based on the GEMBOX, but has undergone some major upgrades.

 Now it features a much cooler appearance and a whole new algorithm, drum machine patterns, 3-minute looprecording and much more. 

 Just give it a try, you will be amazed.  

·High brightness LCD display

·8 Effect modules&66 Effect types

·23 Drive sounds with 7 legendary amps simulator

·80 Factory preset patches&80 User patches

·40 Drum rhythms&10 Metronome rhythms

·Tap tempo

·180 Seconds looper

·DC 9V Adapter or AA battery(X4)power supply

·Assignable expression pedal

·Light-weight and tiny for easy transportation

·Compact operation interface

See Demo:

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