Luiyi Black Side

Luis Alberto Alturria Somer (Haedo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 7, 1983), better known as Luiyi Strat, is a guitarist of rock music and music producer who became known in 2004 for his "Black Side" project with the I work with international musicians like Daniel Telis, Fernando Scarcella and White Rat Adrian Barilari the group, where have the success the song "on Earth Infinite"

Early life

Only child of a middle-class family, Luiyi Strat was linked with music from an early age as a musician in the Pentecostal evangelical church where his parents went. In that place he learned to take his first steps as a musician. His parents began to send him to study music at conservatories at an early age (7 years old).


In Buenos Aires, he began studying with private music teachers and then entering the conservatory Alberto Ginastera (Moron, Buenos Aires - Argentina), where he took his first steps in their studies, then graduated in the conservatory Thibaud Piazzini (where the renowned studio Charly Garcia). Then study several years in the ITMC (Institute of Contemporary Music Technology) where he was developing as a musician and producer, in 2001 he traveled to the United States to finish his studies at Berklee College of Music, developing his career as a musician and music producer.

Black Side

It is his musical project where convenes musicians on his records and disclosed in all America. In previous albums of Black Side recorded musicians like Daniel Telis (ex barilari, kz4, ripper owens), Gonzalo Ledesma (ex barilari) and Pablo Soler (humanimal), generating new proposals for future albums, that album produced it as all previous albums of the band.

Take Me Away

Take Me Away is the last of Black Side and was recorded in the studio La Nave de Oseberg between 2013 and 2014. The recording of this album took more than 1 year of work, and was recorded in several parts as the busy agenda guest musicians, the album release was in Pulp Fiction led by Cesar Fuentes program on Radio Rock N Pop Training in all subjects of this new work was: Fernando Scarcella (white rat), Javier Barrozo (Magnos, Temple) Adrian Barilari (Rata Blanca), Paul Moticzak (Temple), and Adrian Strat Luiyi Bordon (originating from black side). Artistic Production was in charge of "Luiyi Strat" sound engineer was Martin Toledo, along with a team of first-rate work, mixing and mastering was done in Buenos Aires. Take Me Away is an album of heavy metal, but with a variety of sub genres included, which allows the public to hear the record and find it entertaining, Black Side this time recorded the album in English for artistic preference and 1 topic in Castilian included in the same hand sr. Adrian Barilari to reinforce the musical variety that seeks in this work of 10 tracks. The artwork was provided by Rodrigo Gudina (Ariadna Project guitarist) and photos by Ignacio Cangelo. Take Me Away Album was released in Mexico City, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and the United States.